How many carbs is a good way to lose weight in a day?


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    If you're following MFPs method then it will give you a macros split that you can follow, including a target for carbs. If you're doing a low carb specific plan then you'll want to follow the recommendations that come with the plan, and then manually adjust your macros split in the settings area.
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    Calories for weight loss. Carbs are 4 calories per gram, so is protein. Fat is 9 calories per gram.

    If you are just starting out, just focus on your calorie goal. As you get more dialed in, then worry about macros.
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    MFP's numbers are fine.

    Or figure out a good amount of protein (I like around 0.8 g/goal weight in lb when losing) and your preferred amount of fat and eat the rest in carbs. The actual number doesn't really matter so long as the overall diet is balanced and healthy (which matters for health not specifically weight loss).
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    How many carbs is a good way to lose weight in a day?

    Carbs don't have anything to do with weight loss other than water weight...weight management is about calories.
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    You can eat as many as you want! You only need a calorie deficit.


    There's a focus on carbs because they "trap" water, meaning a slight increase of water weight over 5-7 days, same as salt. People want quick results so they cut carbs to see quick results. None of this matters over time, so if you love carbs, make room for them in your budget and just establish a caloric deficit.