gaining, without changes

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In the first 3.5 months, I lost just over a pound a week, no trouble.

The last two weeks, I suddenly stopped losing. I was okay with that.
The last four days I've gained (almost two pounds) for the first time.

I can't make heads or tails of these (no longer losing; actively gaining).

* I'm eating the same as before
* I'm moving the same as before
* I'm not pre-menses at the moment
* Yes, I measure
* Yes, I weigh

The only change is I'm no longer having a second cup of coffee in the afternoon (because I don't want one).

What else can result in a sudden stop to losing??


  • pyguillemet
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    At some point we all stop to lose weight when the fat stock is at his minimal.
    Eventually you reached your optimal weight (muscle, bones, etc ...) and with the exercise you do, you are actually making more muscle mass?

  • rajjivahaloh
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    Thank you, @pyguillemet :) I still have fat available to lose and I don't think I'm creating more muscle mass. I was okay with not losing more, even while having some fat available to lose, but to actively gain as well, that's weird and concerning. Hmmm...
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    You may need to increase the frequency and/or duration of your exercise to get over this hump.
  • rajjivahaloh
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    Oh thank goodness!

    @chesao I was already relieved reading your words. Grateful!!

    @L1zardQueen Somehow the link wouldn't work for me, but I did some searches and landed at: AWESOME!! (And hilarious.)

    In the first 3.5 months, I didn't have big fluctuations. I don't know how/why. Almost every day, the scale showed a reduction of a couple more ounces OR the same weight for a max of four days. But no real increases, no jumps. So to suddenly experience these differences on the scale was disconcerting.

    @Womona Although I'm truly comforted and relieved learning about fluctuation stuff, that may also be true, thank you :)
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    Coffee is a diuretic. Without that second cup you're probably just holding a bit more water.

    I wouldn't worry. It'll be back off in a couple days.
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    Two pounds of weight gain in four days is not fat unless you have a good reason to think you've been dramatically exceeding your calorie goal. It's almost certainly water.
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    Silly question-what's your weather been like the past few days? I've found that weather can affect the scale when it's hotter than normal or there's a lot of humidity. I get puffy/fingers swell up etc.
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    Depending on how much you’ve lost in those months it could also be that your calorie target is now what your body requires to maintain its current weight. You might need to readjust your calorie target to continue having a deficit.
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    All great ideas and info, thank you so much!!

    Definitely not hot here, more cool and humid.

    Definitely within my calories. I originally had MFP set for one and a half pound per week loss. When I stopped losing and was getting super hungry (per change to cool temperatures, big weather stuff, etc) I changed it to half a pound (but was still mostly eating lower calories originally allocated).

    I had lost 21 lbs. I thought MFP would reduce calories with reduced weight but now I realize it hasn't. Maybe I do need a slightly lower allocation, based on my new weight.

    And I may add back my second cup of coffee per day :)
  • rajjivahaloh
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    Per the article linked to above, the last two weeks I have had stress as well as several extra nights more than usual with insomnia. This is all primarily due to the start of the next school season (for both my child and for me), so scheduling challenges, having to get to lots of places, various stimuli in each situation, some specialist stuff for my child, etc. So with that article in mind, I might just chalk it up to that and carry on.
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    Update your goals to see if you should have lowered your calorie allotment due to your loss. It's supposed to happen automatically but doesn't for everyone.