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My Chili Recipe CFP% 54/17/29

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So I usually have no problems meeting my daily fat and carb intakes 😁 but I do struggle to get my protein. I noticed my chili recipe helps with this. Since one of my goals is to add some sort of value here...I figured I’d share. I’ve made this chili for two decades and have always had good reviews. It’s simple, quick, and inexpensive.


Ingredients (About $20)
Servings (About 16 @ 12fl oz)
Calories per serving (405)
Nutrition (see attached pic)

64 oz tomato juice
12 oz canned sweet corn (or fresh)
Two cans Bush’s Mild chili beans
15.5 oz can Black beans
40.5 oz Kidney beans
5 Serrano peppers
1 Habanero
Medium sweet vidalia onion
1.5 lbs 80/20 hamburger (or sub for your meat)

Dice onion and habanero. Cut Serrano peppers a bit larger (to taste). Put all these in the pan with the hamburger and cook until meat is browned through.

Drain liquid from the corn, kidney beans, and black beans. Add anything in a can to a pot (big enough to hold it all). Add tomato juice and bring everything to a light boil. Add chili powder to taste. Back off heat to simmer. Add meat/peppers/onion to pot and stir well and frequently.

Ready to eat....and will taste better the longer it sits.

What’s kinda cool about chili is so much can be changed...ingredients can be substituted, so if there’s an ingredient you don’t want to use above, swap it or omit it.
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