Let’s talk about our cats!



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    mytyglotz wrote: »
    Happy (early) "Cat"urday!!

    Omg that nose! 😍 Boop!
  • Glazed_and_Confused
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    Finn and walle ...taco is angrily mia

    Those cuties!!
  • MichelleWithMoxie
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    I love reading about all of your kitties! And I’m so sorry for any of you who have lost your babies! 💔
  • Glazed_and_Confused
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    Love of my life. Best friend. 18 years old.


    R.I.P Olly Polly

  • JeromeBarry1
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    My cats are being catty at the moment. Earlier, they were just acting like cats.
  • ChrisCatMama
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    My cat Sweetpea is 9 years old. She’s black and white with feline dwarfism. She’s very playful and affectionate. We adopted her when she was a kitten from a friend who couldn’t keep her. We used to have 3 other cats but they have all gone to the Rainbow Bridge.
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    I took my cat out in a harness yesterday and she loved it. I'm going to try to take her out more. We let her ride in the car to the laundry and she was glued to me the whole time. No claws out and no hair raised. Just alert.
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  • ghudson92
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    My senior baby, Poppy. She lives with my ex and I miss her.
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    ghudson92 wrote: »

    My little guy, he passed back in May of this year. He was the cutest kitten you ever did see and grew up in to the most handsome tiger boi :heart:

    Soo cute 😍 he was gorgeous!
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    I'm allergic to my cat so I only mentally pet him once a day.