Accountability (not a cheerleader)

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I have the last 25 to go. I'm stuck as hell. My riding/running partner cancels on me frequently, my food is a wreck and I'm just stuck.
Anyone out there want an accountability partner to say, "What did you do today and if you had time for TV, get your @$$ up and move!"
I don't want an @$$hole or a total b!+ch.... just a true accountability partner that's not going to say,'s ok that you didn't workout all week...start tomorrow. (Don't be offended if this is what you need, it's just not what I need)
Anywho, PM me if you'd like to see if we could make a partnership in fitness work.

WARNING: Don't come at me looking for love or any other $h!t. I'm in my 40's, married and have no patience and a very limited filter when it comes to that.