Struggling with motivation

I have lost 86 pounds and I have 19 pounds left to lose and am struggling a bit. I used to plateau with each 10 pounds, but now I am fighting each pound like it's my worst enemy(which it is). Everyone is telling how great I look, and asking when I will stop losing weight. I just want a normal BMI. :|


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    Anyone in your shoes has heard it all before. 'Don't you go getting too skinny now.' When are you finally going to get off that diet and you know the drill. There are backhanded compliments and there are some people who just like to mess with your head. You'll have to compartmentalize all of that and keep tooling along. Stay in your own lane and don't look to the left or right, eyes forward.

    You want to make it. Don't worry about the plateaus. They happen for a reason because the body is bent on survival. The inches have to catch up with the pounds or the skin will hang like a shar-pei. There are so many internal processes going on that we can't always put our finger on the progress but it's there.

    There may be some who encourage you to refeed or just go on maintenance for awhile. You choose. You decide. I say keep going and don't look back over your shoulder. I've watched too many people get to this point, succumb to the pressure and throw the towel in. They start to refeed until they can't quit. They come back a year or two down the road and start all over again. Your body knows the way to your dream weight. Just keep fueling it and your changes will come. You'll make it to your dream weight. Intact.