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When Posting About a Plateau While Trying to Lose Weight...

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...the first thing you describe should not be how much exercise you are doing!

This post is primarily for newbies (of which I certainly was one myself)

Since your weight loss depends 80% or more on your intake, please start there.

I only bring this up because it seems like almost every day, people talk about how they are not losing weight despite all the exercise they are doing, with very little emphasis on how much they are eating, whether they are weighing their food, what their current conditions are, what their goals are and what their calorie deficit is.

So...…...if it's been a long time, like 4-6 weeks or more, first check on your logging/measuring. If you are not using a food scale, you cannot really know how much you are eating. Start there!

Eat less than you burn to lose fat.

Lift weights to change your shape.

Do cardio for work capacity. If you like cardio, do more cardio. If you want an extra couple of hundred calories or so to eat, knock yourself out. Well not literally.

Take diet breaks to release stress hormones.

But know your goals, weigh your food and remember: you can't outrun a bad diet. And you don't know if your diet is bad if you don't know how much you are eating. And you don't know how much your are eating if don't weigh your food (mostly).
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