What healthy weekend activities do you do?

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Just wanting to start a little discussion to spread ideas if anyone is interested.

When I was overweight I loved going out to eat for date nights, I guess it was kind of a hobby of mine, but I have definitely cut back. Sometimes I miss it though! I know I still can but prefer not to too often when I don't know the calories of what I'm eating. I'm trying to find more exciting things to do besides eat haha.

This weekend I plan to:
- Fall clothes shop
- Attend a 2 hour yoga class
- Go to a soccer game
- Clean and do laundry
- Grocery shop
- Do my homework
- Maybe go on a run, watch some tv?

I feel like I might get bored at times though I guess it's a lot to do. I'm not the best at planning out my time. I would like to have more of a weekend schedule or routine.

What healthy stuff do you do?


  • LyndaBSS
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    Mow the lawn
    Play with the dogs
    Experiment in the kitchen
    Clean the house
    Stuff 😀
  • MelanieCN77
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    House cleaning, yard work. Maybe some food prep, or ingredient prep I guess. I'll also work out. I might swim as it's going to be too cool, soon.
  • poisonesse
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    I hike. But I don't know if that counts because I hike 7 days of the week? lol I'll also be using my stationary bike, but again, that's a daily thing as well. But hey, it IS healthy, right? ;)
  • girlwithcurls2
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    Saturday is usually my rest day, but I'll probably get started putting my garden to bed.
    Sundays always start with a 5 mile trail run with my sister.
    Other than that, the usual: laundry, meal plan, shopping...
  • AnnPT77
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    I'm retired, so weekends aren't super-special anymore.

    Usually I row on Saturdays, then go to the farmers market (in summer). Sundays are rest days exercise-wise (sometime active rest), so usually I sleep in/read in bed a bit, then it varies. This weekend, I'm not rowing Saturday because there's a race on my river (chaos! ;) ), so I'm thinking I may go to the anniversary party at the brewpub where I'm a mug club member, then the farmers market. After that, not sure . . . but maybe a nap, because Sunday morning is a half-day masters* rowing camp at our rowing club, so I'll be rowing for several hours. I have some work left to do on a presentation/teaching session I'm doing at a state-wide altered books and art gathering next weekend, so I may fit that in somewhere.

    While it's important to me to be healthy, in life overall I'm striving for balance: Fun, learning, creativity, social connection, some time spent helping others, staying informed, etc.

    * In rowing, "masters" just means "post-collegiate" not "expert". ;)
  • DancingMoosie
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    Try a new workout video or just do an old long one, walk my dogs, clean house, wash the car, go for a run, shop, laundry, food prep for the week.
  • misscagal
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    Yard work. Walk dog. Run every Sunday (race this weekend) grocery shop and plan meals for week. Lounging/vegging on couch after chores done - mental health is also important!
  • lorrpb
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    Bike and walk. Possibly swim, but usually do that T Th.
  • Machka9
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    An ideal weekend for me would be mostly cycling. :)
  • ElizabethKalmbach
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    Farmers markets, wool festivals, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, pet enrichment activities (hiking in fun new places with the dogs, digging box and wild nut gathering for the chipmunks, socializing the guiney pig... and whatever it is the mouse does in the sleeve of my hoodie), possibly some spinning (with a spinning wheel, not a bike) and knitting on the treadmill, and mulling cider to make the house smell nice.
  • lalalacroix
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    Long hikes, long trail runs, starting to get into swimming again, generally a lot of running around is my preference.

    Honestly I hate sitting around on my *kitten*. Hard to keep my NEAT up when I'm sitting around.
  • FireyChimera
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    lots of baking! I make breads, cakes, cookies, and scones
  • Sylphadora
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    - Gym (strength training + yoga)
    - Grocery shopping
    - Meal prepping
    - Food logging ;)
    - Picking up parcels
    - Laundry
    - YouTube: dressmaking tutorials (1st sewing machine), vloggers, Dr Berg, etc
    - Reading
    - Origami
    - Weekly oil hair mask (castor, argan & almond oil)
    - Concert (Ara Malikian)
  • Love_2_Hike
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    I always go on a weekend hike. Its summer here in Oz now so I'm always at the beach
  • Mouse_Potato
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    I go horseback riding on Saturdays and I do two hours of pole fitness plus one hour of flexibility training on Sundays. Today I will probably also do a water change and filter cleaning on my 120 gallon fish tank. Thant's a workout right there!
  • aokoye
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    Typically I row on Saturday and Sunday but there's a marathon so no Sunday rowing today because there's nowhere to park. After Saturday rowing I typically get breakfast with other people in my club and then go to the farmers market that's on my way home. Other things that are typical for my weekends:
    Grocery shopping (not at farmers market)
    Laundry (depending on when I last did laundry)
  • SCoil123
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    I turn off my alarm and catch up on lost sleep during the work week.
  • koalathebear
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    I get some extra sleep if I can/chillax/do a jigsaw puzzle with my husband.
    Do chores and groceries with my husband.
    Go to the gym for zumba class and sometimes also go for strength training.
    Take the dogs for a walk - we have 3 Kelpies :) I listen to an audiobook on the walks and also listen to the audiobook when driving or doing non noisy chores.
    Baking. I love baking and again listen to audiobooks.
    I'm studying three languages on duolingo and memrise (Mandarin, French and German)
    Read as I'm doing the goodreads reading challenge - 96 out of 100 books read this year so far - combination of reading with my eyes and listening with my ears :)
    Watch shows/movies.
    Go and eat yummy food with my husband and with friends.

    I do pack a lot into my weekends.