Big Sugar Sweet White and Deadly CBC TV Documentary

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The Sugar Industry hardball tactics through the years through its intense lobbying it looks at the industry tactics from the time of slavery on its plantations to its present day tactics

Big Sugar Sweet White and Deadly on You tube:


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    Sweet, deadly, and delicious.
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    In the Doc they equate Big Sugar and its tactics to Big Tobacco, the Doc was done a few years back the most recent information to come to light is recent this June 13/2

    Sugar industry's secret documents echo tobacco tactics
    Sugar Association's intent to use science to defeat critics uncovered by dentist

    Her obsession started in an unlikely place, at a dental conference in Seattle in 2007 about diabetes and gum disease. When one speaker listed foods to avoid, there was no mention of sugar. "I thought this was very strange," Couzens said. And when a second speaker suggested sugary drinks were a healthy choice, she chased him down at the end of the conference to make sure she'd heard him correctly
    The first folder that I opened jumped right out at me," she said. "It was on the Sugar Association letterhead which is the trade association in Washington for cane and beet sugar producers. And the word "confidential" was right under the letterhead. So the first document I saw was a confidential Sugar Association memo talking about their PR strategies in the 70s."

    What Couzens found was something food industry critics have been seeking for years — documents suggesting that the sugar industry used Big Tobacco tactics to deflect growing concern over the health effects of sugar.
    The documents survived in the Colorado University Library Archives only because they helped explain a photograph of three men and a trophy. When the Great West Sugar Company went out of business in the 1980s, someone put the files in a box so that librarians would know who the men were and why they were being honored. So who were they?

    "That was a picture of sugar industry executives being awarded the Silver Anvil, which is like the Oscars of the PR world," Couzens said. In the 1976 photo, the president of the Sugar Association and its director of public relations smile as they pose with their prize for their successful campaign "forging public opinion," in the face of mounting consumer and government concern over the health risks of sugar.
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    I haven't seen the program, but it sounds reasonable. Pretty much all the big industries operate this way.
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