Home based upper body workout plan with minimal equipment

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I am looking to do two home based upper body strength training sessions a week, and need some guidance on the exercises and the order to do them.

I have a history of endurance exercise, but I have never done strength training and am a novice at lifting.

I am focusing on my upper body strength to bulk up a bit, as the lower body gets work out from running and cycling.

I'm limited to minimal equipment and weights i have at home, including dumbells, curl bar, and barbell, and will be starting at lower weights and building up slowly.

Below is my idea of a routine that i would base my training on, though not sure what sort or rest to have between reps, or if i should be periodising reps/weights over a period (e.g. one session heavy 3 x 8-10 reps and one session lighter 3 x 14-18 reps).
  1. Dumbell lateral raises
  2. Biceps curl (curl bar)
  3. Floor bench press
  4. Standing overhead press
  5. Tricep extensions
  6. Bent over reverse Flys
  7. Push ups (inclined)
  8. One-Arm Dumbbell Row
  9. Plank

Any thoughts on the exercises / order?


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    1) you should really look into a gym instead.

    2) if a gym is not an option - I HIGHLY suggest you ditch the accessory work.

    Personally, I'd say buy a doorway pull-up bar, a weight vest, some sand bags, a sledgehammer, and some thick ropes. Go find a free tractor tire, and maybe a few natural stones (literally just big *kitten* rocks). Maybe a jump rope too.

    With the above equipment you can do pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, incline pushups, weighted versions with the vest, goblet squats (rocks or sandbags) overhead press (rocks or sandbags), front carrys, tire flips, sledge tire hits, battle ropes, lunges, weighted lunges, front carrys (sandbags) farmers carrys (sandbags), bench dips, and probably a lot more I'm forgetting

    Everything I listed is pretty cheap to obtain- the most expensive things is the weighted vest and the sledgehammer and you can even make your own weight vest with some Army surplus body armor carriers and 25 lb plates and a few old t-shirts to hold them in place. Tractor tires are free, battle ropes are just heavy ropes they don't have to be in good condition.

    A properly programmed workout plan with everything above can create a pretty strong and fit body, pretty quickly too.
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    This is awesome.
  • BHFF
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    You get any help on this bud? I think you would be fine with what you have. It may not be ideal but it CAN work