Men's mental health

Fellas, I know it's difficult, I understand the struggle because I go through it, one thing about this site is, we are all striving to feel healthier and better ourselves, and as men, we should support other men to talk, you're not alone iim8dmpmsjh3.jpg


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    I have a long history of anxiety and panic attacks. The panic is heightened in buses and airplanes or being in gatherings of people where I become anxious that I won't be able to leave the room should I need to. My anxiety seems to percolate in the background all the time. For a number of years it was all well controlled by Effexor XR - didn't kill the feelings entirely but it was much easier to function. Five years ago I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and was put on blood thinner. Then I started to experience spontaneous nose bleeds that were severe and included passing blood clots. It was discovered after about 6 months that the Effexor affected blood clotting so that it was impacted by the blood thinners. I stopped the Effexor and have had no bleeding since. My anxiety is lessened as I retired and the reduction in work related stress has been wonderful. I still need a 1 mg dose of Ativan when I fly. Things are much better. My entire life has been impacted by the anxiety and unfortunately with men, doctors seem to look more physical explanations and not consider emotional and mental health issues. My diagnosis was so long in coming that I think I have ongoing consequences. I am able to fake not being anxious and always have the option of staying home. Despite this I have had a great career and life - I have been lucky.