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Help with how to log exercise

jessiemc12jessiemc12 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
I recently started a PT job, and i used my fitbit yesterday an walked 9200 steps. I change my level of activity in the app. Since I did that, do i include the 9200 steps in as exercise? or is changing the level of activity count for those steps?
Thanks in advance!


  • tinkerbellang83tinkerbellang83 Posts: 6,589Member Member Posts: 6,589Member Member
    Is your fitbit synced to your account?

    If it is you don't need to do anything, you will (read should as it doesn't always work) receive a calorie adjustment regardless of your activity level.

    If it's not and you have chosen an activity level that accounts for those steps (in this case Lightly Active to Active should cover it) then you do not enter it as exercise.

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