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I’m a believer! Both scale and NSV!

moonangel12moonangel12 Posts: 98Member, Premium Member Posts: 98Member, Premium Member
It’s coming up on a month since I started MFP and I am a believer in the “system” and general calculations! I am 5’4”, starting weight of 173lbs - the day we got back from a month long vacation. I was SWOLLEN so I knew the first couple/few pounds would be water weight, but since then it has been a consistent 1lb/week on average with the expected daily ups and downs. I am weighing myself everyday so I can watch the average trend, and attempt to monitor how certain foods or habits effect my body. I have learned quite a bit reading on the forums - weighing vs. measuring, muscles holding on to water weight (had a spike after a hilly 5k for the two days I was super sore), and that it truly is CICO. It’s that simple!

So here I am, over 25 days in, and as of this morning nearly 8 pounds down (like I said, the first few were major water weight, and my graph is showing the expected 1lb/week).

SW 173
CW 165
GW 145 (will reassess based on how I feel - I was a muscular 140 in high school, got down to 135 between two of my pregnancies but it wasn’t for healthy reasons, through medically necessary diet changes for an exclusively breastfed child with life threatening food allergies).

I already have people commenting on the visible changes, I think because I lost so much swelling early on. And last night my husband’s work mentor treated the family to dinner - I knew where we were going so I prelogged what I wanted, brisket, slaw, and French fries. Gave me just 500 calories for the rest of the day (so worth it!) so I tried to choose wisely... healthy, lower calorie, and filling (salad with guacamole and a little chicken, spaghetti squash, Greek yogurt and PBFit, with a clementine and cheese stick around 5 to hold me over since it was a late dinner.)

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