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Extreme weight loss needed



  • billygunn31billygunn31 Posts: 29Member Member Posts: 29Member Member
    Hi Billy! You can do this! Just take it one day at a time....

    Eggs will be your best friend on a budget. You can literally add anything to them and have an instant meal. One time I even added leftover stir fry to scrambled eggs and it made it even better!

    Do you have an instant pot or crock pot? This could be really useful for you, might even find one at a thrift store or cheap at walmart. I prep a lot of meats and soups in here. A super budget friendly find is to buy a bag of frozen chicken, throw it in the instant pot or crock pot with water and seasonings, and you can easily get a week's worth of shredded chicken out of it. This can add to minute rice from the microwave, eggs, a tortilla wrap, or be eaten by itself.

    The community here will be a great tool for you, stay active in these forums and I know you can meet your goals!

    No I don't have a crock pot or instant pot but xmas is coming 😆
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