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From Savannah, Ga

MrsHappyInLove32MrsHappyInLove32 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
Hey eveybody. Im 35 years old i weigh 230lbs and im a short woman so i currently look like a square 🤪. I have let myself go from raising 2 kids and a step daughter, that are now 16, 13, and 12 and them being very active in sports, working etc .. and then myself i have a 8-5pm full time job in the Military HHGs department AND being a wife to my Husband of 10 years though we have been together all together of 18 years and do house wife things as well. My time is stretcheddddddd so when i do have time to myself i choose to sleep or lay around. Things HAVE to change so i am starting the 21 day fix plan and taking Alli as well to see how that goes and with tracking Everything on here. So wish me luck and pray for my strength in the Lord to stick with this journey and not give up. Mama wants to be in a bikini for next summer.
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