Determination is a big thing when it comes to fitness, a long with motivation. What gave you the motivation to start and what has kept you determined to reach your goals?


  • Alia_R
    Alia_R Posts: 410 Member
    Discipline is also key. 😉

    My motivation is my kids and the wake up call I had, being diagnosed with WPW syndrome. Ever since I started back on this journey in December last year, I couldn’t stop. I guess you can call it an obsession, in a good sense though.
  • LeeH31
    LeeH31 Posts: 312 Member
    My motivation was having angina and not wanting to die. What has kept me determined is discovering I am NOT naturally a sedentary old bag. I LIKE to exercise, and I LIKE eating healthy, and I LIKE tracking it all. Most of all, I LIKE the satisfaction of checking off all those things at the end of the day and how much better I'm feeling.
  • thanos5
    thanos5 Posts: 513 Member
    my kids were my motivation. my fat butt got stuck in the car at my daughter's graduation. the look on her face made me reflect on my lifestyle. that kept my going until i reached my weight loss goal. now my stubbornness keeps me going, lol. i didn't work this hard to throw it all away!
  • geraldaltman
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    The most recent, best and most effective for me has been the hip replacement surgeries and rehab that occupied the first half of my 2019. It has given me the determination to never again feel and move as poorly as I did as recently as one year ago!!
  • MissLea0424
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    All of you have great motivation and determination! It's always inspiring to see someone else improving themselves in any way possible. What got me started was that I hated my reflection. I started hating seeing myself in photographs and videos. I stopped doing them.Then going through my camera roll one day I realized that because of how unhappy I am with the way I looked I was hardly in a single video or picture with my son. I thought, there's so many memories that I'm not in. I wanted to change. So, my motivation is my son and my overall happiness with myself. 40lbs down so far and counting.