When is the last time you went hunting and what did you hunt?


  • igutt
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    This morning. Looking for a pair of trousers that fit round the waist and don't slip down as soon as I start walking.

    I really need to start bagging up clothes that are too big now and take them to a charity shop.

    Did you get em 😂

  • iheartmyyorkie
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    A wascally wabbit.
  • Strudders67
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    @igutt - I did find a pair, but I really do need to have a sort out :)
  • NovusDies
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    igutt wrote: »
    Carlos_421 wrote: »
    I wonder if the people handing out "disagrees" do the same for suggestions about eating chicken and beef?
    How is quickly and humanely killing a pheasant or deer for food any different than taking livestock to a slaughterhouse?

    It’s ok one day they will understand that being hunted by us humans is one of the easiest ways to die for some animals

    I am less optimistic that everyone will have that epiphany.
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    Azdak wrote: »
    Two of my mom’s brothers went hunting for deer. They shot a good-sized one, with full antlers. They were dragging it through the woods by its hind legs. After a while, Ted said to Stan, “you know it might be easier if we pulled it by the antlers”.

    So they switched and started pulling the deer by the antlers. After a while Stan said to Ted “you know, this is a lot easier. Good idea”.

    Ted replied “Yeah...but we seem to be farther away from the car”.

    Well done. Well done.