Is this disordered eating?

So, I had a bit of a breakdown today and went to McDonald’s for lunch. Needless to say I BLEW through my daily calories and I didn’t have time to exercise this evening due to work. I ended up skipping dinner to compensate for the calories even though I’m still quite hungry. Am I on a slippery slope to disordered eating?

I’ve been tracking for about 7 months and I never skip meals. I just love food too much 😳


  • Cahgetsfit
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    what she said ^^
  • CalgaryMac
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    Quite awhile ago I read a book about fitness and nutrition.The best suggestion in the book was to allow myself to cheat one day a week assuming that I was on track the rest of the week. That took so much pressure off me to allow myself to be human and go for it if I needed to. I still lost weight but it was not so difficult to stay on track. I still do that to a certain degree.