Where do you shop after weight loss?

I hate this part of weight loss. I am the type that hates shopping anyway, but trying to find new clothing is like mental torture to me. I bought my current jeans at Maurice's several years ago, I love the jeans and the way they fit, but they are loose on me now. I still love the jeans, but I put them on fresh in the mornings, and within a few hours, they are falling off me. But I still haven't quite gotten to the point that I can put the next smallest size on fresh, and be comfortable in them.

So today, I went to 3 different stores, Goody's, Rue 21, and Tractor Supply. In Goody's and Rue 21, I felt like an old lady in a teeny bopper store. In Tracker Supply, their jeans came up to my bra line and then sagged off my backside. I'm having the same problem with shirts, I was always a large or extra large, I have bought 5 different shirts recently in a medium, and once in a small. The mediums feel like they hang wrong, and the small felt like it squeezed my belly.

So where do you shop? What stores have classy, beautiful casual clothing for a 29 year old wife and mom? I want to look attractive for my husband, and appropriate for my kids, not like someone who still tries to dress like a teenager. We have the above mentioned stores, as well as a JC Penney and a Belks, but when i find beautiful clothes there, i feel like I'm playing dress up in someone else's closet. Like those outfits aren't meant for me. Help me out here ladies!