Hi from Calgary

I am a 67 year old retired guy living in Calgary. My career was in health care and now I entertain myself with gardening, reading, movies, pets, travel when we can, computer games, and the CBC. I lived an active life starting with competitive sports at age 11 and then including aerobics, weight training, badminton, and walking. I started to gain weight about 10 years ago after we moved to this neighbourhood. On the one hand is it great but not very walkable due to hills and frankly there is very little "street interest" so I find it difficult to motivate myself to walk. Added to the weight gain was my diagnosis with atrial fibrillation and Type II diabetes 5 years ago. The AF is not life threatening but has limited physical activity (not supposed to surpass 107 BPM). I am looking to lose weight for general health and hpefully be able to come off the diabetic medications that I currently take.