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  • lillypade
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    Well I feel ive fallen off the wagon. I have been on keto and IF for 1 month 3 weeks. This pass weekend on fri we had friends come over and didn’t eat til 7:30 pm and my IF I’m suppose to b done by 5 then Sat we went to my daughters vball game and ate at Moes I got steak bowl no beans rice ect. And sunday I just felt like I was eating everything and couldn’t put it n my diary. Today I had 2 homemade keto blackberry muffins I have no idea the macros lunch I had cheese hamburger lettuce onion pickle and pork grinds and I’m hungry again!!! Help. I am afraid to get on the scale tmrw!!!!!!!
  • stacysjourney
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    I’m just starting Keto feel free to add me
  • lillypade
    lillypade Posts: 77 Member
    How has everyone been doing? I have 2 more pounds to lose til my goal weight. I’m making keto a lifestyle no more going back
  • Coopjitsu10P
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    Been on keto for two years this coming up February. Feel free to add me
  • Interpol888
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    I know about Keto

    You can add me too
  • cinm2014
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    Keto here, too! One month in. Add my if you like.
  • shnell25
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    Keto here. I am in my 4th week living the Keto lifestyle and I love it. I’m 11.6 pounds down already!!!
  • NannylouG
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    Started Keto the 2nd week of October. I’m down 11#. I was down 14# on Saturday so I’m hoping this is a blip before a dip!
    I’ve had a few salty meals the last few days, but if it continues I may try an intermittent fast to shock me out of this.
  • jobelle217
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    anyone doing keto and willing to have their diary open. I like to look at others for ideas
  • yirinyiron
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    I've started Keto diet and taking keto supplements last Wednesday... so this my fourth day.. so far doing good, feel satisfied, no cravings for sweets as I usually were, headache for the first three days... hoping this would go well and willing to stick to it for the next month at least
  • rondavis436
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    Count me in I've been doing Keto for close to two years, it's made a big difference in my life.
  • Kelli0606
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    Started Keto diet today with my boyfriend. We are both out of shape and depressed. We both used to workout every day and I even did a bodybuilding competition. He was in the Navy for 24 years. My competition was 12 years and 50 pounds ago. He retired from the Navy 5 years ago. Anyway, both of us have made a commitment to get back into shape. I’ve done the Keto diet before, but he hasn’t. Would love to hear about any success stories.
  • patti509
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    Same here.
  • patti509
    patti509 Posts: 8 Member
    I think my diary is open. Take a look & make suggestions.
  • goldilukes1
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    Hi I’m starting Keto. Please add me I’d love to share some of your meal plans too
  • Kelli0606
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    I’ve been getting some really great recipes from I’m currently doing her 5 day keto soup diet. It’s challenging, but I’m only on day 2. Not sure yet if I’ll make it to day 5 cuz it’s Thanksgiving 😬
  • Amberetta82
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    Hi y'all! I am restarting Keto. I successfully lost 40lbs in 4 months the first time I started. I'm looking for like minded keto friends! Anyone can add me!
  • Cerizez
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    Well done!!

    Am also looking for friends for the last 7lbs and maintenance -
    Please add me.

    quote="lillypade;d-10769201"]Hi I’m looking for keto friends to help keep me on track and for food ideas. The group I saw on here hasn’t been active since 2017. I have been doing keto for 1 1/2 months now. I’ve got rid of 10.5 lbs and feel great. So I’m looking for some friends. No one I personally know does keto and ppl ask me how long are u going to do keto. My answer is idk as long as I feel good and healthy on it. I only have 3.5 lbs to lose yet. [/quote]