Injury bargain sale (groin injury)

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I injured my groin muscle yet again for the 3rd or 4th time since last year and I’m not sure why I didn’t exercise that day but I just felt it get weak and then just gave out on me

Could it be because of my diet?


  • manderson27
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    Have you seen a doctor? If so what did they say?

    I don't see how what you eat could make your groin muscle weak.

    I would check with your doctor or a sports injury specialist. Once you have a proper diagnosis for why this is happening then you can adjust what you do to compensate and possibly improve the issue.
  • L1zardQueen
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    How old are you? I get weird strains all the time. I am almost 60, BTW.
  • sgt1372
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    Could you have injured your groin because of your diet?

    No, you can only have injured your going by doing something physically that caused the injury.