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Low carb way of life

dougprodougpro Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
I’ve been logging my food now for 7 weeks. Trying to keep my carbs down below 65 per day. Calorie intake about 1400 per day. My weight was 237 when I started. I’ve lost 16 lbs so far. I walk 2-3 miles each workout 3 or 4 times a week. I’m going to get down to 180 lbs at some point. There are days when I eat some crap or drink some beers, but get right back to the routine the next day. The low carbs was hard for me. I’m on the road every day for work and had to cut out eating out and now bring my lunch every day.
PS: I’m a 53 yr old male
Any suggestions would be helpful.


  • AskildsonAskildson Posts: 3Member, Premium Member Posts: 3Member, Premium Member
    After reading all your comments, seems I have a lot more calories per day than most, 2,100. Guess it helps I’m 6’3” and 315
  • RodaRoseRodaRose Posts: 9,551Member Member Posts: 9,551Member Member
    :star: You need to be eating 1500 calories a day. :star:
    Some people do well on low or lowish carbs. If this works for you, do what you can to keep up your PROTEIN and FAT. :) They both matter! foods that are lowish in carbs and have fats include tofu, nuts, avocados, bacon, pork chops, dark meat chicken, cheese.
    Good luck. B)
  • SamDavis48SamDavis48 Posts: 15Member Member Posts: 15Member Member
    If you are going low carb... and need a crunchy snack.. pork rinds are a zero carb snack item. That and there are a s back called whisps.. they are cheese that are baked to a crispiness. Losing chips is a hard part on me going low carb and those are some decent substitutes.
  • TeaBeaTeaBea Posts: 14,089Member Member Posts: 14,089Member Member
    Askildson wrote: »
    After reading all your comments, seems I have a lot more calories per day than most, 2,100. Guess it helps I’m 6’3” and 315

    1500 is a default minimum for males, it often means an aggressive weekly weight loss rate was chosen. At 6'3" you definitely need more than that. Moderate paced weight loss often spares more lean're good.
  • OrphiaOrphia Posts: 6,937Member Member Posts: 6,937Member Member
    In general terms, increasing the proportions in our diets of:

    fruit and veg
    unsaturated fats
    Omega 3s

    can keep our digestive system feeling full for longer and feeling better, as well as improving our whole body health.

    This explains why some people do well on LCHF and some on 40-60% carbohydrates... because both ways of eating (WOEs) can incorporate those essentials.

    In both cases, to lose fat, one's total Calories In (energy intake) need to be less than one's total Calories Out (energy burn).

    On LCHF in the first week or so, the water weight loss is higher, but not fat loss. Both diets, given CI<CO in a controlled trial, show the same rate of loss over time.

    Some people don't like the feeling of eating high fat, some don't like the feeling of eating carbohydrates. Some use both WOEs, whether for periodisation on purpose for training, or due to meal preferences.

    While I doubt studies can ever measure people's feelings, have the appropriate calories for your size, either is OK so long as you feel OK and get the micro and macro nutrients from whole foods in the list (not supplements).
    I must also mention that a diet of all meat is not sustainable for everybody or the planet. If you haven't read the EAT-Lancet Commissions Report, don't bother trying to deny that.
  • psuLemonpsuLemon Posts: 35,325Member, MFP Moderator, Greeter, Premium MFP Moderator Posts: 35,325Member, MFP Moderator, Greeter, Premium MFP Moderator
    whmscll wrote: »
    If low carb is hard for you, it will be difficult to maintain that way of eating long-term. Also, studies have shown that whole grains, fruits and vegetables (all carbs) are vital to long-term health. Make sure to get a check up each year, including blood work. I am 5’4” and 122 pounds and have high cholesterol and a family history of cancer. Bacon and other cured meats, red meat and other sources of saturated fat (like cheese and butter), alcohol, cookies, cakes, crackers and other commercially-prepared baked goods...all of these are either cut out of my diet completely or consumed very, very rarely. I’m cutting down on eggs, too. It shouldn’t be JUST about losing weight, but overall health.

    Well that isn't true.

    OP, its difficult for you because your calories are low as others pointed out. Up your calories a bit, especially protein. Focus on low gi fruits (blue berries, black berries, raspberry, strawberries), nuts, fibrous veggies and getting plenty of healthy fats with protein (beef, fatty fish, lamb, venison, eggs, cheeses) and full fat dairy (no sugar added).
  • nytrifisoulnytrifisoul Posts: 433Member Member Posts: 433Member Member
    I was told by my doctor to go on a low carb diet. I looked into Keto, and it took me two seconds to decide its not for me. 20-50g carbs per day....yeah, no thank you. I chose to watch my carbs, exercise daily, and dropped 21lbs, and probably another 20lbs to get down to my ideal weight. 2 months ago my fasting blood sugar was 115. Just last week i had blood tests and my a1c is 5.2
    I tried to figure out an average daily carb intake and i am somewhere around 100g. I dunno if thats considered a low carb diet, but i am not willing to go any lower. Heck, i dont even crave pasta or bread. Thats just veggies, and a bowl of multigrain cereal for a late night snack to help me sleep comfortably.
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  • neugebauer52neugebauer52 Posts: 1,013Member Member Posts: 1,013Member Member
    I can only refer to what I have learned over the last 600 days from MFP and all those supportive members: What "trigger food" means and if it affects me. Yes, very much so. Bread, bread, bread - 2 loaves over lunch with all the trimmings and then some followed by a very, very sleepy afternoon. Take the bread away and how much can you pack onto say a lettuce leaf? A close second is "food stacking": I only had a little bit of mixed salad for lunch! (And salad dressing, and feta, and chicken, and mayonnaise, and, and, and...) MFP's big advantage is that I can adjust my daily macros to my body's needs and not wants and there is so much more I have incorporated in my daily meal plan. It might sound like an endless road but I just take it day by day, meal by meal and stop worrying.
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