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accepting yourself at a higher weight



  • eryn0xeryn0x Posts: 48Member Member Posts: 48Member Member
    gypsykit1 wrote: »
    I wish I could accept my weight a little higher. I just want to be how I was when I was thinnest but that involved so much restriction.

    first of all i'm nowhere near my thinnest but i agree, it's easy to set that as the goal but why should the goal be that? Fit, focused me of yester-years only attained that number for the blink of an eye, so what right do I have to envy it now?
  • middlehaitchmiddlehaitch Posts: 8,169Member Member Posts: 8,169Member Member
    Just wanted to welcome you to MFP @stephie_nyc B) .
    Glad to hear therapy is helping you accept being in the higher 140's. Going by your avitar, it suits you.

    Cheers, h
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