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Marathon pace on a treadmill

riffraff2112riffraff2112 Posts: 1,519Member Member Posts: 1,519Member Member
Just had a discussion at the gym with a friend after our 30 min cardio session. He noticed me finish my run with a little two minute sprint. He asks me "how fast was that sprint?". I said 6.6 mph (which for me is fast!).

My friend says "double that speed and keep doing it for 2 hours and you can beat the world record!". I thought he was exaggerating but its true. Eliud Kipchoge recently ran a sub 2 hr marathon and I didn't realize just how amazing that is.

you would need to run at a pace of 13miles per hour for 2 hours. That is crazy...I can't do that pace at all, never mind trying to hold it for two hours. Even running 7mph for a few minutes kills me. He averaged 4min and 34 sec per mile, a few decades ago even running a sub 4min mile was considered impossible. Incredible.

Any runners out there attempt running at this pace on a treadmill? I didn't even think it was possible to go that fast on a machine.

Here is a cool link to people attempting this for 400 m


  • rheddmobilerheddmobile Posts: 4,644Member Member Posts: 4,644Member Member
    The fastest I have ever tried to run on a treadmill was 8 mph, which is a 7:30 mile pace. My fastest mile run not on a treadmill was just under 8 minutes and the fastest I have ever run a tenth of a mile according to my gps was about 6:30 mile pace or 9 mph which for me feels like hurtling along as fast as I can manage to run without tripping over my own feet and killing myself. Anything over 8 mph on the treadmill feels like an invitation to fly off the end and die.

    We have some college and high school track students who train at the park where I run who can just casually saunter along at a sub-6 minute mile pace. I’ve tried to keep pace with them for just a few strides to feel what it’s like and it’s basically impossible for me. They make it look so easy! But Kipchoge is in a whole other universe!
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  • SwtHedgehogSwtHedgehog Posts: 25Member Member Posts: 25Member Member
    I haven't run a marathon yet, but when I see the times of the winners of those types of races, I do try to see if I can even get to that speed on the treadmill. Most times I can't even grt up to the speed.
  • MikePTYMikePTY Posts: 3,248Member, Premium Member Posts: 3,248Member, Premium Member
    In high school I ran the 40 yard dash at around 6 seconds, which would be right above that marathon pace. I have no idea if I could do that now, and for how long I could last past 40m without falling off. It would sure be fun to try on that special treadmill. It seems like it is made for people to fall a lot more painlessly than a regular treadmill.
  • firef1y72firef1y72 Posts: 1,508Member Member Posts: 1,508Member Member
    My all out sprint is around 6min/mile and I can keep that up for 30sec maximum.
    Marathon pace is more like 13min/mile
  • ThatJuJitsuWomanThatJuJitsuWoman Posts: 131Member Member Posts: 131Member Member
    I thought how amazing this was when I saw the new record.
    If I push myself I can manage a mile in 8 minutes, but I don’t think I could keep it up for long. I’m far more comfortable at 9:30 - 10 minutes per mile.
    The idea that Kipchoge ran a marathon faster than I can sprint is incredible!
  • tirowow12385tirowow12385 Posts: 674Member Member Posts: 674Member Member
    Thing i found is that the less i weigh, the faster i get.
  • BrianSharpeBrianSharpe Posts: 8,796Member Member Posts: 8,796Member Member
    I’m sure I would just immediately fly off! My half-marathon pace was 11:55 and I’m still working toward a sub-30 min 5K. Running that fast sure seems impossible to me!

    The wonderful thing about running is that what seems impossible today is only difficult in 6 months or a year (not that many of us could ever run a 4 min mile or 2 hr marathon there's some genetics at play too).
  • moonangel12moonangel12 Posts: 187Member, Premium Member Posts: 187Member, Premium Member
    I saw that article/video! It’s craziness!

    My nephew is one of those running machines - he did his first ever half marathon, in August, in Alabama (he lives in Northern Idaho - so he is definitely not used to heat and humidity!) in just over an hour. And came in smiling! I can’t even imagine!
  • lporter229lporter229 Posts: 4,858Member Member Posts: 4,858Member Member
    My treadmill does not even go that fast! It's quite crazy to me. If you watch the mechanics of these runners, their feet nearly hit their butts with every stride. Just try and run like that. It's quite impressive!
  • nikkibrianne64nikkibrianne64 Posts: 51Member Member Posts: 51Member Member
    I run between 5.5-6.5 when I run 5k. I like to do interval training with doing 9mph for 45secs and walk at 3.5pmh for 90sec. I
  • riffraff2112riffraff2112 Posts: 1,519Member Member Posts: 1,519Member Member
    When I ran the local half marathon, the winner of the full marathon passed me as we entered the stadium (finish line). The winning time was my half marathon time...the crowd was cheering like crazy, and being my first ever I thought they cheered like that for everyone. As I approached the finish line, one of the marshals used a hand gesture, asked me to move over. This guy whips past me....thats when I figured it out. Hilarious
  • ellie117ellie117 Posts: 171Member Member Posts: 171Member Member
    The thing about Eliud Kipchoge is that it technically isn't counted as a "world record" because he was scientifically assisted with the use of vehicles and pace runners with him.

    Amazing still, of course. I don't run and never will. But maybe have realistic ideals to help motivate you, haha.
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  • riffraff2112riffraff2112 Posts: 1,519Member Member Posts: 1,519Member Member
    ellie117 wrote: »
    The thing about Eliud Kipchoge is that it technically isn't counted as a "world record" because he was scientifically assisted with the use of vehicles and pace runners with him.

    Amazing still, of course. I don't run and never will. But maybe have realistic ideals to help motivate you, haha.

    Yeah I saw that on the sports broadcast. Still he has run it in 2hour and 3 min or something like that before.
  • HoneyBadger155HoneyBadger155 Posts: 1,381Member Member Posts: 1,381Member Member
    Don't think I'd ever have been able to run that fast - before my perma-fubared ankle, my best was 1.5 miles in 11:28 I believe (on a gravel running track, so not ideal footing for speed). But I never really considered myself built for speed on my own two feet anyways lol.
  • nytrifisoulnytrifisoul Posts: 424Member Member Posts: 424Member Member
    My best was 10 miles in 1 hour and 10 minutes. I tried to do 10 in under an hour but it was impossible for my height. I can't imagine running more then 10 miles an hour , let alone for 2 hours. Thats insane.
  • JimDewJimDew Posts: 699Member Member Posts: 699Member Member
    What humans can accomplish is amazing. Some are genetically blessed, and couple that with determination and training.... you get the results we’re talking about.

    99.99% of us could train like them but never achieve their results. (I can’t!!).

    I’m envious of the faster, but I understand it’s only me VS. my best.

  • RunnerGirl238RunnerGirl238 Posts: 368Member Member Posts: 368Member Member
    My 5k pace outside with hills is 8:15. My half pace is 9:05 -9:15 and full marathon pace is 10:20 (just did my first !)

    On a treadmill, with 0 % incline, I can maintain 7:30 for a 5k.

    I will never be Kipchoge. He is a beast.
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