Cutting before a bulk

Trying to get to 10 or 12% body fat. Lost 4.8 lbs since Sept 25th. Should I keep on this track? Are diet breaks a good idea? About 14% right now I think. Don't want to make a change and screw things up. Thanks!



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    During my last cut (which was about 8 months, urg I know) I took two 7-10 day diet breaks... first was 10 weeks in and second was 8 weeks after. I found them really helpful and allowed me to plug through to the end. I believe it's usually recommended every 8-12 weeks, depending on how you feel and how lean you are. The leaner you get and closer to goal, the more frequent diet breaks are recommended and are most beneficial.

    Based on your stats you are probably still OK but you might want to consider one soon (maybe in 2-4 weeks) especially if you start to feel like you need one. I know sometimes it's hard especially when you get close and don't want to lose momentum, but they can really help.
  • sardelsa
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    I just ate at maintenance. I think I increased carbs and fats kept protein the same. Holidays is good timing, you can enjoy and not have to worry about cutting!
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    what @sardelsa said. work your maintenance out on an online tdee calculator. It won't be perfect, but close enough. You will get a bit of a spike in weight as you re-introduce more carbs, but remember, it's not fat and it will go away again once you start cutting again.

    I also diet break often. Like more often than 8-12 weeks. As soon as I start to get stuck and weight not move I diet break for a week and then hey presto, the scale moves again in the right direction.
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    I am currently cutting and my plan is a diet break the week if Thanksgiving and Christmas. But then again, i am probably one of the few idiots to cut in the winter. During those weeks, ill be at maintenance.
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    Diet breaks are generally two weeks.
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    These might be of use (source: Boom Boom Performance on IG)

  • Yr on a diet break right? If your cals have been at maintenance any gain is likely to be water weight rather than fat. I’d personally finish the diet break then resume as per yr plan.
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    I don't really even know what my maintenance calories are. I just increased them from cutting about 500 to 600 for this diet break.

    If you’ve been tracking yr intake and yr weight of loss over a reasonable period of time then you should be able to work out your maintenance cals.
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