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Aaptiv vs. Peloton Digital

runnermom419runnermom419 Posts: 343Member Member Posts: 343Member Member
I am considering using one of the above apps to increase the variety of workouts I have available to me.

Has anyone used both and what are your thoughts? I have a trial of both, but would love to hear personal opinions.


  • jhanleybrownjhanleybrown Posts: 139Member Member Posts: 139Member Member
    Have not used Aaptiv but really liking Peleton digital. I primarily use it for spin classes though. Would give spin classes an A. Fun and motivating. Sorry I can't help on Aaptiv.
  • JthanmyfitnesspalJthanmyfitnesspal Posts: 1,997Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,997Member, Premium Member
    It's worth looking at Zwift as well.
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