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80lb loss fixing the sag

Zampa13Zampa13 Posts: 76Member Member Posts: 76Member Member
So I've lost 80lbs, and there is some obvious saggy areas particularly my tummy midriff area.
Funnily I'm not all that concerned about my thighs.

I've done a taster class in crossfit and today to try help with tightening up. Everything kills today but in a good way, I know I've worked myself hard.

So my question or concern is really, do you ever actually lose that sag or apron. I feel like I will lose a bit of it but I cant see how the skin will tighten up that much.


  • LivingtheLeanDreamLivingtheLeanDream Posts: 12,432Member Member Posts: 12,432Member Member
    It can take a year in maintenance for our bodies to settle and adjust to the weight loss. Exericse/lifting weights in particular is the way to go to help with the sag but it will take time and consistency. There are lots of threads on this particular issue but hopefully others will chip in with their own experience. I only had 30lbs to lose so it wasn't an issue for me apart from my stomach and even then its ok, a little deflated looking but a lot of that is probably down to having babies/genetics.
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  • nighthawk584nighthawk584 Posts: 1,119Member Member Posts: 1,119Member Member
    It depends how long you were overweight, how fast you lost the weight, genetics, your age...I have lost 82 lbs so far, and have a few areas that aren't quite snapping back but weight lifting is helping. I still have around 18 lbs to go, so it hopefully will get better. It's one of the prices we pay for massive weight gain, unfortunately.
  • CherimooseCherimoose Posts: 5,016Member Member Posts: 5,016Member Member
    It can take up to 2-3 years for skin to snap back, if it's going to snap back (mostly based on age & genetics). Not much else you can do, especially around the abs, where the muscle is thin and can't grow much. But if you still have extra fat there, then overall fat loss will help. :+1:
  • peachvine29peachvine29 Posts: 329Member Member Posts: 329Member Member
    I swear when I read your title, I saw "80lb loss, fixing to shag" and I thought GO, GIRL!!! :laugh:

    OMG hahaha!
  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Posts: 12,486Member Member Posts: 12,486Member Member
    Once it's down to true loose skin (thin wrinkles, maybe similar to wrinkles in a medium weight fabric, like corduroy or denim), there's the potential for skin to shrink, but it's slow. Mine kept shrinking well into year 2 of maintenance, even at age 60+. I think that if there's still subcutaneous fat conspiring with gravity to keep skin stretched (like 1/2" plus folds or rolls that droop), shrinkage is harder to come by, and slower at best, unfortunately.

    Recomposition (adding muscle at constant weight) may help, slowly. Not sure whether using compression garments to counter gravity would be helpful, or not: Some of my young friends report finding them helpful for immediate post-pregnancy situations, but that's a different set of circumstances. A reputable surgeon will have people wait at least a year, in my understanding, before considering surgery.
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