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Hypercalcemia (high blood calcium)

singingfluteladysingingflutelady Posts: 8,640Member Member Posts: 8,640Member Member
Anyone have hypercalcemia without having issues with your parathyroid or cancer? I'm chronically dehydrated because of health issues that increase my fluid requirements but at the same time make it difficult to intake/retain fluids. My calcium has been above the limit for at least a year that I know of. I'm on tube feedings so I do get the daily required amount (1320 mg/day with a bit of cheese on occasion by mouth) but not near the top end of it. We're thinking dehydration as some of my other numbers off and on have been high. Other than trying to get more fluids is there a way to lower this


  • VuneVune Posts: 646Member Member Posts: 646Member Member
    I have hyperparathyroidisn secondary to kidney disease, and I've had one parathyroid adenoma removed. Make an appointment with an endocrinologist and have your primary care test your PTH levels. If you come back with a diagnosis, I'd be happy to talk about my experience with the surgery and how my other glands took over for the big growth that was removed.
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