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Exercising before or after work?

ArtsieSarahArtsieSarah Posts: 115Member Member Posts: 115Member Member
Hey all,

Recently my schedule has changed and it's been hard trying to figure out what's a good time to exercise. I used to have an hour lunch break and I'd exercise at that time which was a perfect way to beat afternoon grogginess. I literally had nothing else to do with that free hour!

I don't have that long lunch break anymore and I need to figure out if I should work out before or after work. I seem to be tired either way. I'm not a morning person, I can barely get up for work as it is, and then I'm beat after work and I just want to wind down and have dinner! What is everyone else's routine?? I feel like I have to choose between 2 not-so-hot options.


  • MichSmishMichSmish Posts: 1,670Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,670Member, Premium Member
    I’m definitely a morning person. I want to get the gym done and over with before any excuses can get in the way.

    P.s. I love your chosen mfp handle 😊
  • ElizabethKalmbachElizabethKalmbach Posts: 1,220Member Member Posts: 1,220Member Member
    I split it. I do cardio before work, because it's mostly mindless for me and I don't have to be very awake to do it, and I do the thinky workouts after work if my lunch break won't support them. Even if I'm going to the gym after work, I don't go home until my workout is complete, so I still think of it as "part of my work day." For whatever reason, that helps me not skip it, because it's part of the "necessary" routine and not something my brain can put off.
  • just_Tomekjust_Tomek Posts: 7,443Member Member Posts: 7,443Member Member
    I am in the gym at 6am and done by 7am, at work by 7:30am.
    It would be hard for me to go there after work since I am just tired from the day and want to get home to relax, also I see that the gym is packed in the afternoons. Empty in the mornings.
  • CutemesoonCutemesoon Posts: 2,504Member Member Posts: 2,504Member Member
    I am NOT a morning person! I work out at home, so my workouts start as soon as I get home. My suggestion to you is to workout when ever you can. You no longer have an hour for lunch but could you fit a half hour workout in? I would suggest pumping yourself up to workout after work since you aren't a morning person.
  • steveko89steveko89 Posts: 1,436Member Member Posts: 1,436Member Member
    I'm not a morning person either but I've found the best success working out in the morning before excuses and/or external complications get in the way. It is something that I have to actively support and work towards; setting out clothes the night before, removing as many obstacles as I can, being diligent about when I go to bed, etc.
  • kd_mazurkd_mazur Posts: 565Member Member Posts: 565Member Member
    I also had a lunchtime gym routine for many years. When I changed jobs, that had to change too. I tried after work, since I was never really very good at the morning workout. In the last year, I have changed again to the morning workout because the evenings have become very busy too. I think you should work it into your schedule wherever it fits best and then schedule that time just as you would any other appointment.
  • beckyrplbeckyrpl Posts: 67Member Member Posts: 67Member Member
    I AM a morning person - but I have a horrible commute, and leave my house by 6am - so I workout when I get home. First thing I do when I get home is change into my workout gear - that way there's no backing out.
  • ellie117ellie117 Posts: 262Member Member Posts: 262Member Member
    After work for me, my gym is on the way home from work. If it wasn't so easy to get to, I don't think I'd ever go.

    I don't think I could do before work. I'd need to get up, get to the gym, work out, take a shower, dry my hair, get changed, then drive to work by 8am. Very envious of guys/people with short hair that can just hop out of the shower and be on their way.
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  • peachvine29peachvine29 Posts: 375Member Member Posts: 375Member Member
    I think before work is usually ideal. I have done after work, and the benefit was that I could take my time and work out as long as I wanted to, but then I would sacrifice free evening time and be too active close to bed, not to mention half the time I really didn't feel like going so didn't.

    Now I am working on working out before work most mornings. My work has a top grade gym which is awesome, also showers and such. The commute traffic is lighter, I get to prioritize my workouts, and skip them much less often. The downside is waking earlier, sometimes rushing my workout, and then my hair is damp for the first part of work :/. Overall though, it feels great to get the workout in before I commit my day to my job.

    I used to workout on lunch but was always rushed and then sweaty for the second half of the day, and never enjoyed my lunch.
  • misclaire81misclaire81 Posts: 31Member, Premium Member Posts: 31Member, Premium Member
    To be honest, what ever fits in my schedule. I'm looking forward to my son starting school in a couple of months as I plan to go to the gym on my way home from work but before I pick him up from after school hours care 2 days a week. I'll also be working from home on Fridays and can go to the gym at a similar time before school pick up.
  • mrsjar5311mrsjar5311 Posts: 349Member Member Posts: 349Member Member
    Before work for me. After work, I have to brave traffic, cook dinner, feed the kids and put them to bed. After that, I need my own bed. I'm usually in bed and asleep before 9pm. I really struggle to find motivation to work out if I don't do it in the morning!
  • DanpDanp Posts: 1,358Member Member Posts: 1,358Member Member
    I've always subscribed to the notion that the best exercise you can do is the one you will do and the best time to do it is whenever you can do it.
  • lemongirlbclemongirlbc Posts: 186Member Member Posts: 186Member Member
    Before work for me. I get it done before my kids are up (usually) and before my brain is too awake and has a chance to realize what's going and try to stop me with the incessant "This is too hard. This hurts. That's enough, you could stop now." chatter it likes to get in to later in the day.
  • Safari_Gal_Safari_Gal_ Posts: 343Member Member Posts: 343Member Member
    Post work is best for me... I’m a latebird.
    Kudos to all you morning folk!
  • jadealyce87jadealyce87 Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
    I am absolutely not a morning person, but when I found exercise I loved - I actually look forward to getting up for it! I mix it up a bit and do 2 mornings and 2 evenings on work days, so I don't get bored. Could you try a mix of times for a few weeks?
  • neugebauer52neugebauer52 Posts: 1,016Member Member Posts: 1,016Member Member
    Third option: exercising during work. Got myself a Swiss ball, trying to sit on that bloody thing without falling off all day is a major effort - and I can feel it in my muscles by the end of the day.
  • helen_goldthorpehelen_goldthorpe Posts: 39Member Member Posts: 39Member Member
    I do both. I prefer the morning, but there are some intense sessions that work better in the evening because I can recover better from them by eating then putting my feet up rather than having to struggle through a day at work.
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