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I am finally here !

inspired1981mfpinspired1981mfp Posts: 19Member Member Posts: 19Member Member
Hello Eveeyone , aid haven’t posted in here in a long time , I have been super busy working on the new me :) just spent some time going back to my old posts when I was seeking answers . Now I am writing about my weight loss ! I’m just passed my one year mark , I thank my fitness pal for exsisting because I have faithfully used that from day 1 and I am happy I did because I can look back and see how far i have came . I have lived a keto lifestyle and interment fasting lifestyle it’s been so self rewarding . I am walking proof this can work . I went from 222 lbs to 129 lbs I passed my goals and now I’m maintaining . I have maintained the same weight for the past 10 weeks I now listen to my body And what it tells me . If I have something and it gives me a negative effect I then stay away from that . I try and get 10,000 steps a day that seems to really help . My only goal now is to keep focused and to wear a bikini one day :) if I can do it so can you !


  • ElizabethKalmbachElizabethKalmbach Posts: 1,212Member Member Posts: 1,212Member Member
  • quest4grandeurquest4grandeur Posts: 12Member Member Posts: 12Member Member
    Great job, Crystal. Congrats! 👏
  • SummerSkierSummerSkier Posts: 991Member, Premium Member Posts: 991Member, Premium Member
    Congratulations!!! That is fantastic and welcome to maintenance. :)
  • nighthawk584nighthawk584 Posts: 1,208Member Member Posts: 1,208Member Member
    incredible commitment, congrats on that huge loss and maintaining!
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  • pkweierpkweier Posts: 314Member Member Posts: 314Member Member
    Congratulations and welcome
  • AprilMLoweAprilMLowe Posts: 411Member, Premium Member Posts: 411Member, Premium Member
    Congrats! I will befriend you as well because i weigh 126 from 236 a year ago after weightloss surgery. I have maintained and still losing not by choice for 6 weeks now! The new you always feels good! Keepup the great work. That picture is me Now! If you pop open my profile u will see me at my heaviest 256.
  • janstewart62janstewart62 Posts: 44Member Member Posts: 44Member Member
    WOW !!!! great job..
  • JenniferM1234JenniferM1234 Posts: 173Member, Premium Member Posts: 173Member, Premium Member
    Fantastic job, you did all the hard work and now you reap the rewards. 😃
  • Katmary71Katmary71 Posts: 1,822Member Member Posts: 1,822Member Member
    Congratulations, you've put in a lot of hard work! My highest was 222lbs too, weird since it's such a random number to see someone else start at the same spot! I just hit maitanence at 100lbs down, looking forward to learning from all of you!
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