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Can someone PLEASE tell me how to calculate Marcos 😪


  • lgfrie
    lgfrie Posts: 1,449 Member
    Unless I'm not understanding what you're asking (very possible) you don't need to calculate them while using MFP. Just enter your foods each day and it'll tally up your carbs, protein, and fat. If there's a particular macro goal you're trying to hit (e.g. 70/20/10 or whatever) set that up in the Goals tab, and each day it'll show you how much you fell short / went over or if you hit your macro targets.
  • RovP6
    RovP6 Posts: 108 Member
    It's probably better to start from first principles and Boom Boom Performance has a great series of 8 short videos on Youtube on the subject of nutrition for fat loss. Here's a link to part 1 and you can find the rest from there. I think part 3 deals specifically with macros.
  • Sharon_C
    Sharon_C Posts: 2,132 Member
    Its not all that easy to calculate your own macros. I've done it and its a lot of math. There are a ton of macro calculators out there. Here are some good ones:

  • JessicaFit89
    JessicaFit89 Posts: 2 Member
    Determining your macros will be dependent on what your goal is and what eating plan you’d like to be on. It will depend on your current health, BMI, weight/height, and medication. Gaining muscle weight, maintaining weight, losing weight, keto etc...

    Definitely use a calculator. Definitely take measurements of your chest, waist, thighs, arms etc.

    For example: I’m 5 ft, 125 lbs and pretty “healthy”. For Keto these are my macros—
    Fat- 75%
    Protein- 15%
    Carbs- 5%

    I try not to worry about calories too much, I wouldn’t eat 2500 calories for my body size. But I don’t measure calories because I’m typically full after 1,000-1,400. Once you know your body you’ll know what’s enough, and only focus on my percentage. In the settings in MyFitness Pal (not pro) you can change your percentages.
  • kimny72
    kimny72 Posts: 16,012 Member
    jooko1705 wrote: »
    Can someone PLEASE tell me how to calculate Marcos 😪

    Macros are generally personal preference, though they can help some people with satiety and compliance. The MFP defaults are a fine place to start. Then learn from your logging - note any patterns on days you struggle with hunger or days you easily stick to your goal. Many of us look at the default protein and fat goals as minimums to exceed and let carbs fall where they may. I discovered days I was higher in protein were easier so I took 5% from carbs and added it to fiber.

    For weight manipulation, calories are king. Many people lose or gain weight and stay healthy without giving much thought at all to their macros. So don't stress about it!
  • Justin_7272
    Justin_7272 Posts: 341 Member
    edited November 2019
    What is your goal?
  • lemurcat2
    lemurcat2 Posts: 7,885 Member

    Not sure what your goal is, but the above threads are helpful.

    Personally, I started with a calorie goal (which is what's important for weight loss, gain, or maintenance) and then figured out a good protein goal when at a deficit. For me the calorie goal (which incorporated exercise) was around 1550, and my minimum protein goal was .8x120 (goal weight in lb), so 96 g or about 25% protein at 1550. Beyond that I let fat and carbs fall where they did, as I don't undereat fat and found it much more helpful to focus on other nutrition goals, like eating at least 8+ servings of veg, getting plenty of fiber, and focusing on healthful sources of fat like nuts and seeds, avocado, olives and olive oil, and fatty fish. Percentage of carbs vs fat tends to be a personal preference thing.