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Trying something new!

MyEvolvingJourneyMyEvolvingJourney Posts: 335Member, Premium Member Posts: 335Member, Premium Member
For three years, I've been slowly losing weight. I've lost 65 pounds over that time. Most of the time, I was tracking calories/macros (not always.) This past couple of months, I've managed to maintain my weight without tracking, which is awesome! But I know the holidays are coming up, and this is an area where I've had difficulty in the past. So I decided to get back to tracking macros, but at maintenance. This isn't something I've done before. Tracking has always been about losing. But I'm giving this a shot! I just know that I'm not wanting to let things get crazy and end up putting some weight back on. I know it wouldn't be a lot, but still. The goal is to maintain!


  • CrazyMermaid1CrazyMermaid1 Posts: 209Member Member Posts: 209Member Member
    Congrats on your loss and good job thinking through sustainability
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