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Celebrating myself!

tonygermano2tonygermano2 Posts: 16Member, Premium Member Posts: 16Member, Premium Member
I just wanted a place to celebrate my loss of 35 pounds since really committing to getting healthy. Being that I have about an additional 200 pounds left to lose, my loss is one that I don't think the general public is noticing yet, though I certainly can notice, mostly in my pants not staying up anymore (not a joke, I think I need to have them taken in already because I fear they might simply fall down as I walk).

While I have work left to do, I wanted to celebrate the work I've put in and figured this would be a good place to do it.

So....wohooo for me, 35 pounds down!


  • LietchiLietchi Posts: 187Member Member Posts: 187Member Member
    Awesome stuff! Congratulations and keep up the good work :smiley:
  • gewel321gewel321 Posts: 105Member Member Posts: 105Member Member
    35 lbs is nothing to scoff at. That is an amazing start to your journey. Yes you have more to loose but every pound off is a pound that's closer to your goal. Keep it up. I get the not knowing where to celebrate the goals (especially when no one else can see your progress).
  • solieco1solieco1 Posts: 1,313Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,313Member, Premium Member
    You've lost the equivalent of 7 chihuahuas or a mid size microwave! That's definitely worthy of celebration!!
  • ThehardmakesitworthitThehardmakesitworthit Posts: 834Member Member Posts: 834Member Member
    ^^ what she said! :)
  • tonygermano2tonygermano2 Posts: 16Member, Premium Member Posts: 16Member, Premium Member
    Thanks everyone for the encouragement.
  • geraldaltmangeraldaltman Posts: 1,715Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,715Member, Premium Member
    I am in a self celebratory mood myself! 2019 has just been an amazing year for me! It began with the result of an "enough's enough" decision I made to end 2018. I had had it with painful and diminished mobility and underwent hip replacements in January and April. In the subsequent post surgeries rehab and recovery, I have come from an embarassing weight of 281# in May to my current weight of 240.6#. I have come from not being able to do 10 minutes of any kind of exercise a year ago to routinely doing anywhere from 90 to 110 minutes worth today. A year ago, I pretty much stopped wearing the size 42 pants I owned as I could not button them closed. After my surgeries, I exclusively wore stretch drawstring pants or shorts I had or were gifted me. Today, I can comfortably wear size 40 pants and have just taken delivery of new pairs and preparing to donate the older bigger ones. One year ago, my A1C was borderline diabetic and today it is one tenth of a point over normal range. My blood pressure and pulse rate is in normal range and better than they've been in some time. In March of next year, I will begin my "Medicare years" and I am actually kinda jacked up for it!! Let's Party!!!! 🙂🎉
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