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New to this and need a confidence booster

Antoniosmommy0608Antoniosmommy0608 Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
Last year I joined this amazing gym. I lost 50 pounds and i was SO PROUD of myself. This year has been hard emotionally. My aunt who was my mother figure passed, my sister in law has a rare and aggressive cancer, and my son has an immune disorder. This lead me down the path of self destruction again..... self soothing with BAD FOOD CHOICES. I’ve gained 25 of the 50 I lost back. Starting a new challenge at my gym that required downloading this app. I’m ready to go ALL IN again. But definitely need the push to keep going. Anyone else have this problem? Life takes a turn and you go back to bad habits?


  • ShortgirlrunningShortgirlrunning Posts: 475Member Member Posts: 475Member Member
    I lost 50 lbs last year and then gained 15 back this year. It’s a bummer but I know that I know how to do this and that I can do this. Also I’m SO much closer to my goal, even having regained some weight. I got back on track about 5 weeks ago and I’m down 7 lbs. Getting restarted was the hardest part. Now that I’m back in it, I’m like oh yeah this isn’t so hard!

    You have all the knowledge and tools you need to lose that 25 lbs (and more if that’s your goal). You’ve got this.
  • Kgerber777Kgerber777 Posts: 93Member Member Posts: 93Member Member
    My weight has fluctuated soooo much the past 5 years or so. Between moving, having kids, being in school, general life drama... I'm just starting back myself, today is day 5 for me. I have come to realize I have a food addiction. If I am not watching what I eat I WILL slip back into my old habits and I WILL gain the weight back. Myfitnesspal has helped me make a comeback before... more than once. For my self, I know I need to keep with the program even once I hit my goal.
  • LynnJ9LynnJ9 Posts: 333Member, Premium Member Posts: 333Member, Premium Member
    I lost 47 pounds 2 years ago then gained 20 back over the last 2 years. When I hit frustrated, I remind myself I didn't gain it all back, and life happens. I teach High School math and went back to get my Masters of Science in Mathematics. While doing the homework at night I would eat nonstop.
    But the good thing is, you know you can do it! You did it before, you can do it again! I have 7 pound left to re-lose, and my aim is to lose an additional 3.
    Let's go!
  • Devil_DawgDevil_Dawg Posts: 119Member Member Posts: 119Member Member
    You got this!
  • TNClutchmanTNClutchman Posts: 27Member Member Posts: 27Member Member
    You were successful before, You WILL BE successful again. Feel free to add me if you would like. I need encouragement and motivation again.
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