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Food diary deletions

Shellmc24Shellmc24 Posts: 11Member Member Posts: 11Member Member

I can't seem to delete anything in my food diary online, I don't have the red circular delete button, I can't see it at all.

It's messing with my Team RH Fitness app, by doubling Dinner online and in the fitness app. Yet on my mobile, it's not doubling up...really odd.

Can someone help me please?


  • cmriversidecmriverside Posts: 28,965Member Member Posts: 28,965Member Member
    The little red circle keeps disappearing for a lot of us, Shellmc.

    If you're on the web version, it's still there, but it's just a little rectangular red still works on the web version even when it disappears like that.

    If you're on an app, it may be the same, I don't know. I gave up on the app years ago.
  • LisaMoxon155LisaMoxon155 Posts: 228Member Member Posts: 228Member Member
    I use the app, all I do for that is press,hold and then it gives u "delete" or "move" option.
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