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reaching protein goal (200g+)

Bucklaew72Bucklaew72 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
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I'm new to fitness and health, and according to this app, I need to increase my protein intake if I want to reach my goal of losing body weight and making more lean muscle

even with consuming Whey protein supplement powder 2 to 3 times a day. I'm still always coming short (by nearly 30%) of my protein goals, and my carbohydrates are usually higher than they should be

looking for suggestions on some high protein foods or snacks that I can eat so I can reach my macro goals

please keep in mind I am a person who has little to no cooking abilities

I appreciate any and all help. thank you in advance


  • RovP6RovP6 Posts: 99Member, Premium Member Posts: 99Member, Premium Member
    If you're new to fitness and health, unless you're an extremely genetically gifted and naturally jacked 200lbs + bodyweight then 200g+ of Protein is way too high as a starting point. Generally speaking, you want to keep Protein high, at around 1g -1.2g per lb of bodyweight when dieting to help maintain as much lean body mass as you can while losing weight. However, if you have excess fat to lose then for the average person I wouldn't go much higher than 0.8g per lb of bodyweight or a maximum 150g of Protein. You could even set it based on your goal weight. For example if you're goal is to reach 170lbs then set your Protein to 170g. I think that's a bit more manageable, even for someone who regards themselves as having little to no cooking ability.

    Hope that helps.
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