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Working out calorie consumption daily?

jilltaylor345jilltaylor345 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
How do I work out my calories intake?
I’m trying too loose some weight now.
Was doing roughly 2230 daily what should I be consuming now to loose weight?


  • kimny72kimny72 Posts: 14,277Member Member Posts: 14,277Member Member
    Set up your account here at mfp, set your goal to lose weight, and MFP will give you a calorie goal.

    If you are confident 2230 is maintenance for you,then subtract either 250 cals to lose half a lb per week (if you just have a few lbs to lose) or 500 cals to lose 1 lb per week.
  • mtaratootmtaratoot Posts: 1,615Member Member Posts: 1,615Member Member
    If you are on the website, go to your home page on MFP and click on "GOALS." Enter your current stats and your goal, say losing 0.5 pounds per week or 1.0 pounds if you have a fair bit to lose. Only opt for more if you have a LOT to lose. The algorithm will spit out a (net) calorie goal to get your desired results. You can tweak the number a little if you like. I remember doing this because I like palindromes and just made a tiny change.

    Then the fun starts. Pay attention to everything you eat and log it. Best to use a food scale; most people underestimate their portions. Even using volume measuring tools like spoons and cups can lead to large errors. Weigh your food when you can; you will get better at estimating the more rigorous you are. And make sure to log EVERYTHING. That includes oils you cook with or little tastes along the way.

    Then the PARTY starts. Pay attention to finding foods that keep you from being hungry. Eat all your allotted calories. If you exercise, log that and eat back at least a portion of those calories. Some estimates are way off. As some weeks roll by, you'll get a better handle on how your allowance is working out for you, and you can make subtle adjustments. But... you have to log everything.

    If you are looking for a supportive and fun group of folks, I would suggest thinking about joining up with the "Lose 1 Pound a Week and Keep it Off" group. There's good support, and there's friendly challenges every week to earn points for one of two "teams." New teams will be randomly assigned in the new year, but come early and get acquainted!
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