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Back at it again!!!

harley79harley79 Posts: 73Member Member Posts: 73Member Member
I have no words I can't seem to stick to anything im 49 a wife and a mom. I need to lose well over 100lbs and for some reason think it's impossible plus I hate excercising it hurts lol lol do I just follow the calories that MFP gives me or do j do Keto or Vegan or whatever I'm so.lost

Thank you Tammy


  • alteredsteve175alteredsteve175 Posts: 1,736Member Member Posts: 1,736Member Member
    I think it's important to start with small steps. Log your food. Pre plan your meals. You don't have to exercise to lose weight, but many people find it beneficial for other reasons. Can you walk 10 minutes a day?

    I know it's hard. I have been working on my weight loss for 2+ years and I still struggle some days. I just refuse to give up and I don't let one bad day push me off track.
  • alteredsteve175alteredsteve175 Posts: 1,736Member Member Posts: 1,736Member Member
  • ReenieHJReenieHJ Posts: 286Member Member Posts: 286Member Member
    One small goal at a time. Look at losing 5 lbs. at a time, not the 100. It will seem more doable. You don't need a fancy diet to lose weight, just less calories. Stick to basic foods, lean meats, veggies, whole grains, fruits and dairy. Keep it simple until you gain some confidence in yourself and some self-control. Count the calories, MFP is such a big help with that!! Know your triggers and limits. I have to keep certain food out of the house(sweets) or I could easily gain 10 lbs. in a week. I'll have them at somebody else's house or a restaurant so they're not sitting around my house tempting me. Seriously. :( I've thrown more food away in recent months because I don't want to eat it and suffer the consequences. When I was about your age, I was in the same place you are, with 100 extra lbs. on me. I'm 66 now and am low BMI for my height. MANY others here have been where you are and it can be done. Create new habits to replace the old ones. I have to admit I don't like to exercise but I do walk 2-4 miles most days, only because it'll help give me more calories to eat. :/ And it makes me feel better that I've done some form of movement. Helps the blood pressure too. :)
    You CAN do this!! But please try not to look at the whole picture, it can be overwhelming. They say baby steps for a reason. :)
    Good luck!!!! And if you need another friend, add me to the list. Or pm me. :)
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