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2,524 Days

MissLucyU75MissLucyU75 Posts: 40Member Member Posts: 40Member Member
Sooooo... I started this whole weight loss journey 2,524 days ago. You would think that would have been plenty of time to reach my goals. It was plenty of time, but I fell of the wagon... got dragged by the wagon... the wagon ran over me.... the wagon reversed to pick me up, and ran over me again... BUT I am slowly climbing back on the wagon, and this time hope not only to stay on the dang thing, but to grab the reins and make it across the finish line. A LOT has happened between day 1 and 2,524. Most of it has been MAJOR health issues (that actually have nothing to do with my weight). I'm not going to go into all of that boring stuff except to say that I have two (possibly three) chronic illnesses. Exercise is very tough for me, and I can't do a lot of it. I have to do medical infusions every week. I am often in a LOT of pain all over, and suffer from major fatigue at times. My body is a party all the time!!! Anyway, I have no control over those things, but I do have control over what I eat. I have to do better! I know that getting my eating habits under control and doing some exercise will not only improve my health, but improve my confidence. I really could use a LOT of support. What I don't want or need... unsolicited health advice! I have a TEAM of excellent doctors that give me all of the advice that I need! Believe me... if avoiding certain foods, essential oils and yoga could actually cure me, I'd be healed by now. What I DO need... fun, supportive people that doesn't make this feel like an impossible chore!

Weight loss: Joined and lost 50lbs, gained 26lbs back.


  • corinasue1143corinasue1143 Posts: 2,675Member Member Posts: 2,675Member Member
    Sounds like you have an excellent attitude. Good luck.
  • RelCanonicalRelCanonical Posts: 3,188Member Member Posts: 3,188Member Member
    Sounds like you have a lot of obstacles to overcome to meet your weight loss goals but are doing great at overcoming them! I always salute those who start again before they've gained everything back - I managed to gain everything back, so you are nipping it in the bud before it gets worse.
  • vollkornbloedchenvollkornbloedchen Posts: 1,588Member Member Posts: 1,588Member Member
    Weight loss: Joined and lost 50lbs, gained 26lbs back.

    So, as of today, you already have lost 24 lbs!
    That is more than many ever achieve.

    The most important thing about this journey ist not "Time", it is to continue traveling.
    Keep on moving, in your pace, in a way that suits your life and you will succeed

  • Katmary71Katmary71 Posts: 1,822Member Member Posts: 1,822Member Member
    Congratulations, sounds like you have a great plan! I have some chronic issues and taking charge of weight loss and diet has made me feel more in control of my health. I started working out slowly too though I get that it's not something you can do right now. I wish you the best for luck, you got this!
  • TNClutchmanTNClutchman Posts: 27Member Member Posts: 27Member Member
    You have done an amazing job on your journey. I know you will achieve your goals.
    Feel free to add me, I need support
  • maureenkhildemaureenkhilde Posts: 698Member Member Posts: 698Member Member
    I so totally live in the glass house right down the street from you. You have the so RIGHT attitude, wish you well on your restart on the journey. Just think you took a short side road/detour for a bit, and are now back on the main road we all travel. What works for you food wise, deficit wise, and exercise wise is yours. But knowing others are here I would imagine will help.
  • MissLucyU75MissLucyU75 Posts: 40Member Member Posts: 40Member Member
    Thanks everyone! I appreciate the encouragement more than you know!
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