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Hit a huge milestone - 100lbs down since started tracking in March, 115lbs since end of last year.

gemiller87gemiller87 Posts: 98Member, Premium Member Posts: 98Member, Premium Member
Towards the end of last year I decided enough was enough. I clocked in at a peak of 350+- knowing I had probably tapped higher at some point in 2017-2018. I had a physical late last year for a pilots license and was borderline on most things and in that "better do something" stage. I have two young daughters that deserved better from me.

I started working at it and was 335ish by March where I made the decision to go all in. I started tracking on LoseIt and migrated to here at MFP at some point in late summer. I did all the research, found a reasonable baseline TDEE number based on my own opinions of my activity and data. Over the last 2-3 months I increased strength training and exercise to a fairly serious level and started measuring baseline measurements weekly as well to keep motivation up with the slowing weight loss. My biggest recommendation for those in a similar journey is to get into strength training as early as you feel comfortable or even sooner! It may slow weight loss but based on measurements and the "mirror test" it's just as if not more valuable than simple caloric deficit.

My target weight is 225 for end of the year is my big hairy audacious goal, i'm cutting that close but considering my original for the year was 250 I won't be horribly upset if I don't make it especially with strength training slowing it down so much lately when combined with the cardio. At 220-225 I will migrate to .5lbs a week if necessary to get to my goal measurements but take advantage of the extra caloric intake to get some more notable strength training gains.

I had seen a spike that originally I thought pulled me further away from this milestone but thankfully my gut instinct of water weight from the holiday weekend change in diet and a change in my workout routine was to cause. A little time to settle in and my weight was under the marker for two days in a row!

Took this milestone as a chance to reward myself with one new outfit that actually fits. I don't recall ever fitting in a large shirt it's been that long, only downfall is at my height large size shirts are rarely long enough and finding long length isn't a walk in the park! I'm down to only a few shirts that fit and 2 jeans (both new) that I don't have to fold over. The belt in the picture was the one I was wearing when I started this journey this year. Started on the outside hole at snug in a 44 waist jeans and am currently between a 34/36 (I can button a lot of 34's and some fit ok but still a little snug but some 36's are a little loose). I added the two inside holes, I'm hoping for one more. I've been donating my clothes by the bag full and will treat myself to some new stuff after X-mas because everyone is already saying they are just giving me gift cards for clothing stores since they are tired of seeing me drowning in my clothes LOL!

Based on traditional BMI calculation methods i'm still overweight but based on body fat estimations by measurements i'm now slightly within average range. I'm 6'6" so this method is probably more accurate. The bottom picture is showing a relaxed seated position, i've been working quite diligently since some loose skin started showing up to combat it with physical exercise and strength training, hydration and anything I can do. I'm surprised how well my body is actually bouncing back after such a rapid weight lose.








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