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Best tips for achieving consistency (diet + exercise) ?


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    Humans are creatures of habit. Unfortunately we often have bad habits. We like to say "I can't stay committed or consistent" when the reality is you are committed and consistent to your old habits. It will feel forced at first but set a routine and force yourself to do it. Make it part of the daily routine. Even if time is tight squeeze in what you can, don't just say "ill get it tomorrow". Eventually it won't feel forced because mentally it will be the new pattern.
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    Start with doing the things you like or that have the most impact for the least amount of effort. Too many people try to go 100% when the last 20% of that probably takes the majority of the effort, if that makes any sense.

    For it to be sustainable for me, it needs to feel easy on good days and manageable on bad days. I can manage going for a walk on bad days. On a good day I have do a better workout, but I can't manage that on a bad day, so I don't make that something I have to do. If I try to make rules for myself based on my good days, I get overwhelmed on bad days and don't stick to it.
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    For me, 'consistency' means planning. Plan your food for the week, and stick to it. Plan your workouts for the week, and stick to it. Do it enough times, it will become a habit.
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    Start a food diary. Get a food scale and weigh everything you eat. Measure liquids. Calculate a modest calorie deficit and set about crunching numbers.

    Give yourself plenty of time with the calorie counting learning curve. It gets easier with time. Don’t go to pieces when you mess up.

    And this- start logging everything into your diary and never stop. Your goal is to get everything logged in with a number. You will find calorie counting gray areas. Don’t know how many calories in that meal or dish? Make a good faith estimate and keep going.

    Calorie counting supported by a food diary works. It’s the big diet secret hiding in plain sight. It’s a set of things to do. Weight loss is the by product.

    Just re-read this and coming back to make this addition-

    Consistency- keep your diary no matter what. Over your number? Wildly over? Log it all. You will find consistency by doing it. When the voice in your head tries to talk you out of it - too much trouble - not working- not worth it- over your number and don’t want to face it - do it anyway.
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