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maccaladymaccalady Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
hello everyone. A quick rundown of me and my situation. I have three grown children one has multiple special needs , violence being a major issue. He is now in a residential unit however I still have a major role in his care. I have Bipolar which has finally being managed for the past five years after decades of not being diagnosed to when I finally was there were years of mismanagement. I also self medicated with alcohol. I have gained and lost weight over many many years however bit the bullet this time and am on quetipane for the second time ballooning my weight from 77kg to 112kg.
over the past few years I have managed to lose 6 kg. I am now in a frame of mind where I would like to try to get fitter and hopefully lose weight. My exercise phisio is great however my issue is this when we went away to visit family my eating was great and I was walking up and down hills and felt great. I got back home and the stresses were back again and I have little motivation to exercise and have started eating more and going for a sweet fix. Some days I do exercise however its not consistent.I hope someone ouet there may have some suggestions. Cheers
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