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I’m new, I have fibromyalgia, I weigh too much

mama2russiansmama2russians Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
I’m Laurel from Outside Detroit, Michigan. I suddenly gained 40 pounds 3 years ago. I held even till March of this year. I suddenly started to hurt everywhere. Not just a little hurt, monster pain, electric zaps, spasms, long term stabbing, burning pain everywhere in my body, all the time. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was put on Lyrica. I was already taking Effexor and xanax. I have now ballooned. I need to get into shape before I also get diabetes and other diseases.

I’m the stay at home mom to 2 kids adopted from Russia 15 years ago. I had an acoustic neuroma (AN) removed via a craniotomy and my inner ear ten years ago. An AN is a slow growing inner ear tumor. Mine wasn’t huge but growing into my facial nerve. I came out of surgery doing well except I kept my post surgery dizziness/unsteadiness. It feels like I’m always walking on jello. On bad days, I am on a tiny boat on lots of waves. So, exercise is very hard for me.

My kids have major brain issues. I was called to school for my kids at least once/day. Now that they are in high school, I get email & rarely have to go in to talk to my kids or their teachers. They still have huge issues but they go to a very small high school & the teachers & staff know them well. I stress out over the things my kids do.

My husband is the only paid worker in the family. Over the years, his company has been sold, merged, sold , split, etc but he has been at the same job for 31 years. He has survived many layoffs, downsizing’s & firings. I stress about that. I stress about my kids’ parents living thru chernobyl. They were kids when it happened & the russians didnt warn of radiation over their region. So, we dont know family histories but have learned to watch for thyroid cancers. Fun... I worry about their liver function because they take so many medications for so long.

So, since my hobby is knitting & it doesnt qualify as exercise, my doctor & neurologist want me to move, lose weight, tone up, feel better, walk the dog, wear down the dog’s nails...

So, i have a brand new fitbit versa 2. Yippee... this should be fun! Hoping for the best. Laurel


  • ThanysssThanysss Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Hi! I have Fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions too! Life has been difficult but I know that would all the medications, I will be at a much worse place.

    That is the reason why I decided to working on myself... And meet you I have gained so much of weight.😅

    Nice to meet a peer spoonie:)!
  • missy5622missy5622 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Hey, me too and I'm new back on here after a while off !

    The medications can be reduced if the exercise is increased but finding the energy to do it is tough I know! Maybe we can support each other ladies :) x
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