Healthy/healthier coffee creamer

Any suggestions? Something affordable? Before I was pregnant I drank it black. Ever since being pregnant/having my son I can’t drink it black anymore. 🤷‍♀️


  • chris_in_cal
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    100% 1/2 and 1/2

    I don't think this is bad, per se, but there is a calorie cost. For me, it brings me 1000% pleasure once or twice a day. I know other people have used half n' half in their coffee and then got down to maintenance and have been able to maintain. It is really not the 100 calories in coffee that make the difference.

    Use what you love in moderation.

    On the other hand, I have always admired people who enjoy drinking coffee black, and I have pondered giving it a really good honest try. But I haven't done that yet. :)
  • ookoolady
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    The cheapest is probably dairy milk. If your preference is non-dairy, there are many options such as nut milk, soy milk, oat milk etc. I don't think there is much difference in the "healthiness " of any of them since you're probably using just a spoonful. Use the one that tastes good to you.
  • jestog63
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    Premier protein ... mixes perfectly, any flavor all are fantastic with coffee!
  • debtay123
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    i sue the half and half- my coffee just would NOt be the same to me- I MUST have my coffee
  • alexv8719
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    I’m looking for something sweet too but that isn’t made with an artificial sweetener. I know, I’m picky. But I used to look so forward to that cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer 😋 I started to use too much
  • girlwithcurls2
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    What if you use your creamer, but measure it out? Start with whatever a "serving size" is.

    I love 1/2 and 1/2 or real cream. I found that I can fit a serving size of it (2TBS) into my daily calories pretty easily. At the moment, I'm using leftover full cream from Thanksgiving (only get 1TBS, but boy is it yummy!). I measure it out because it's too easy to just glug some into my mug and then 1TBS becomes 2, becomes 3... ;)
  • chris_in_cal
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    alexv8719 wrote: »
    I’m looking for something sweet too ... I know, I’m picky.

    Good, be picky. And finicky in measurements. Use 1 serving of 1/2 n' 1/2, 1 serving or pure sugar, and 1 serving of unsweetened natural hazelnut extract (if there is such a thing) Measure it perfectly, log it exactly, and see if you enjoy it. If so...winner.

    Like @girlwithcurls2 I start to measure and become less careful. I should too.

  • kshama2001
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    alexv8719 wrote: »
    I’m looking for something sweet too but that isn’t made with an artificial sweetener. I know, I’m picky. But I used to look so forward to that cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer 😋 I started to use too much

    Half & half, sugar, and hazelnut flavored coffee. I measure it all.

    Starbucks makes hazelnut flavored coffee that I like very much, and I've seen it at Stop & Shop, Walmart, Target, and Amazon. I wait for it to go on sale at Stop & Shop.
  • ksharrell48
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    There's something new in my area (eastern Virginia) that's called "Leaner Creamer." It's made from coconut oil and comes in a few flavors. It also purports to have "natural supplements" which promote weight loss. I typically use Coffeemate so am already used to a powdered creamer. So far I like it and don't feel so hungry at breakfast, when I'm drinking coffee. The one I use, the peppermint mocha flavor, is 15 cals for 2 teaspoons.
    All the best on your search!
  • Lila3701
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    I’ve been making my coffee a little stronger than usual and then doing about 3/4 coffee, 1/4 vanilla almond milk. I guess it’s more like a cafe au lait.
  • melissafeagins
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    I have a ton of food allergies so the only thing I can put on my coffee is real dairy. My order of preference is heavy cream (which I will use at home), half and half (which I leave in the fridge at work, I can't buy real cream for everyone in my office), and milk.

    I measured it until I learned what it looked like in my mugs. Now I eyeball it, but I have been doing this for 5 years. Measure until you know. Measure when you get a new mug. I drink a lot of coffee and I plan the cream into my day.
  • AnnPT77
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    I think I'm an outlier, but personally I like about 3/4C of hot skim milk in a good-sized mug of pretty strong home-made drip coffee. Yes, there are calories (64), but it also makes a small but useful contribution to my protein goal. If you like coffee sweet (I don't), that won't work, obviously.
  • jhanleybrown
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    2% milk is the perfect compromise. Creamy enough to taste good but less caloric. As long as it's not a latte and it's just a splash, the caloric cost is not significant.
  • DancingMoosie
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    1/2 and 1/2 or whole milk with flavored stevia drops is good. I like the English toffee flavor.
  • nicsflyingcircus
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    We grind our own beans at home and lately have been mixing hazelnut flavored beans about 50/50 with good dark roast beans. I use measured half and half (about 80 cals worth for 36oz of coffee) and a teeny tiny squirt (or not) of liquid splenda.

    Gives me a nice hazelnut flavor without being overwhelming, is just creamy enough with just a bare hint of sweet that (I think) complements the hazelnut.
  • yayamom3
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    My favorite is half and half. But since I drink coffee multiple times per day, I use Trader Joe's coconut creamer on a regular basis. The coconut creamer has 5 calories/tablespoon as opposed to the half and half having 20. This quickly adds up for me, and this tweak allows me to have an extra snack.

    Isn't it funny what pregnancy does to your taste buds? I couldn't drink coffee at all for a couple of years after my son was born! I never ate beef or pork, but still ate chicken. After his birth, I couldn't eat chicken anymore and have been completely meat-free ever since. Congrats on your new little bundle of sweetness!