Nordic Track Freestride or Bowflex Max Trainer?

Hey all. I am in the market for a cardio machine, and wanted to know your opinion/experiences with either machine. Thanks!


  • MikePfirrman
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    I've looked at the Bowflex Max and the LateralX both. What bothers me about both pieces you name (and after having a Schwinn AD Pro, owned by the same company as Bowflex) is their God awful customer service. It's hideous. Can't begin to describe how bad. If it breaks (and it will), good luck fixing it. The repairman that helped me fix my AD Pro bike told me he fixed a Bowflex Max that's pedal snapped right off (same thing happened to my AD Pro Bike -- took 2 or 3 months for them to even send the right parts, even under warrantee. This is more typical than not with that company.

    Nordic Track has a similar reputation I'm sorry to say, if not worse!

    Honestly, I'd reconsider your choices. I'm not meaning to sound snide or anthing like it. I'd look at a nice bike and a Smart Trainer (and Zwift) or a Concept2 rower (even a SkiErg from Concept2) or a Rogue Echo (Assault style bike). All of these options will last longer, are far cheaper and have incredible customer service. Plus, they all resell for 75% of what you bought them for! Huge plus on resale.