Oops I did it again.

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Hey y’all. Short and sweet. I lost 60 lbs from 2016-18. Gained it back after I quit smoking, got my anxiety meds straight, and ate everything to my little heart’s desire. I’m miserable and kinda pissed at myself but that’ll only get me so far. I need fresh faces, perspective and friends for round 2. Im 31. Have an 11 year old daughter and stats below. Thanks! So if you have similar goals and don’t mind the occasional F bomb, please friend me. 😀
SW today 275
Goal 175


  • misslazo718
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    31 here too and on a similar journey! Add me :)
  • rahimlj
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    Hey. Good job on what you accomplished so far. I'm trying to stay motivated and keep going. About 20lbs down.
    Currently trying to lose 50 more lbs. ✌️
  • elisa123gal
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    You lost it before..and you can do it again. No big deal..just get started We've all been there.