Meal Subscription Services

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Anyone else tried some of the meal subscription services out there?

In the past I had done the ones where they send you the supplies and you have to cook it, but I found myself often too lazy or tired to do so and the items would go bad in my fridge.

I recently signed up for Freshly though, where the meal comes prepared fresh (I compare it to like a TV dinner style, but not frozen obviously). Most of the meals are between 400-500 calories and I've found them to be filling in my first week. I've also found that spending my money on this in advance prevents me from eating out unhealthily because I know i've already bought myself a healthy meal at home.

Has anyone else tried some of the others out there? (Factor 75 is another one I think and there's one called realeats?)

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    I’ve been using Freshly for a few months. If they had reliable delivery, I’d probably stick with them. As soon as their refund credits from my undelivered meals run out, I’m going to check out Factor 75 and hope to heck I actually get the meals I order.

    But fundamentally—the worst delivered meal is still 10000000x than having to shop and cook!