Whole30 in January

Hi! I am planning to do Whole30 in January, and was wondering if anyone else is planning to do it, or if you’ve done it before, do you have any tips? What was your experience?


  • moonangel12
    moonangel12 Posts: 971 Member
    I have done it before, a couple of years ago. I have several auto immune things going on and felt fantastic while on it! Lost 15 lbs, pretty sure it was mostly water weight - my rings were loose, even in southern hot and humid August weather! I don’t recommend it for weight loss as a primary goal, but if you feel like you might have some food sensitivities it helps hone in on potential culprits when you start adding things back in.

    You will feel like crud the first week or so... and likely will have he mood swings to let everyone know it.

    I feel great on W30, it’s just not sustainable for me for day to day living in this stage of life. Hopefully you can have success with it!
  • margbarco
    margbarco Posts: 128 Member
    I’m easing into the Whole30 way of eating at the moment and plan to start for real by January.
  • GloriaE2016
    GloriaE2016 Posts: 64 Member
    I would love to! I once did it for a week and I had never felt better. I want to get that feeling back!!
  • panda4153
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    I’m in, I’ve done it once before and was all in. However this round I am not going to cut out legumes and peanuts. I don’t have any sensitivity to them, and they offer some great nutritional value. However I am doing no grains, dairy, or added sugar for January.

    I don’t think whole 30 magical in the sense that it will make me lose weight any faster, but I find that the discipline and planning it takes is good for me mentally, and reminds me that I am 100% in control of my food choices. I also notice that my skin improves eating that way which is a nice side effect 😊
  • cbc4deb
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    I've completed 2 whole30's; one alone and one with my husband. I wasn't actually hungry a lot of the time but still wanted to eat. It's a huge mind game that I had to deal with. I was constantly reminding myself that I wasn't hungry!!!!! I kept my meals as simple as possible, and kept homemade freezer meals on hand for when I didnt have time to cook. I am thankful for what I learned during the process.

    Best wishes on your journey!!!!
  • joerkd
    joerkd Posts: 2 Member
    I started 2 days ago and am game- just got stocked up the right foods- I’ve done 2x prior- it’s great! Hard to start but worth it -