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Need some advice, stressed and confused...

s_rivera_92s_rivera_92 Member Posts: 92 Member Member Posts: 92 Member
Two weeks ago, I started counting my calories again and going to the gym. Cut back smoking significantly and plan on stopping cold turkey on Christmas eve (due to the two days off of work). First week was bad, honestly. As I've said in other threads, my husband deployed and I was having a hard time dealing with the streas. I wasn't (and haven't been) hungry. The first week I was averaging 500-700 calories daily, because I could not bring myself to eat. Despite the low calories, two days after he left, I'd go to the gym and do an hour of cardio to keep myself occupied (I did for 5 days that week). At the beginning of the second week, I reminded myself that eating so few calories was very harmful. As a 27-year-old, 191lb, sedentary, 5'5 female, MFP suggests 1,200 calories to lose 2lbs a week (honestly, I'm content so long as I am losing something). Well, I took Friday and Saturday off of the gym to focus on eating 1,200 calories (3 days now). I've been measuring and weighing the calories I consume. I've been under my carbs and right at my fat and protein. The first week, I lost roughly 3lbs (191.6lb to 188.4lb). It's my ovulation week this week. I weighed myself this morning after the three days of 1,200 calories and a very brief gym visit last night (20 minutes cardio, 30 minutes weigh training) and I'm 189.2lb. The calories I burned doing cardio I did supplement with some tuna when I returned home from the gym. I know I'm stressed out and there's a lot of changes right now. But, am I doing the right thing right now? I know nothing happens immediately, but I'm a little overwhelmed and confused.


  • kshama2001kshama2001 Member Posts: 24,804 Member Member Posts: 24,804 Member
    I gain a few pounds of water weight when I ovulate.

    Additionally, stress can increase cortisol, which can increase water retention, which can make the scale go up or mask fat loss. You know that your husband deploying is stressful, but dieting is also stressful.

    I second the recommendation to change your weekly weight loss goal to a pound a week. Look at your weight loss trends over months rather than short term. If you have a smart phone, consider an app like Happy Scale, which will help smooth out the crazy fluctuations we all get, but especially women with a menstrual cycle. Before I got a smart phone I used to chart in Excel.

    Also, I find regular exercise crucial for my mental health, and increase exercise during periods of increased stress - so do keep going to the gym :) Be aware that new exercise can also cause water retention and again remind yourself that this is a marathon, not a sprint.
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